Singing Lessons


As a classically trained singer, Jan Moll also has over 20 years experience teaching all ages and abilities across Hampshire.

As the testimonials at the bottom of the page will tell you, her pupils adore her!


  • Do you have difficulty breathing when singing?
  • Do you have  a 'break' in your voice?
  • Do you ever get a sore throat when you sing?
  • Do you suffer from stage fright/lack of confidence?
  • Would you like to extend your range
  • Do you have an important audition/event coming up?

Singing lessons can help you to achieve your goals, whether it be professionally, or just for fun.

Jan Moll is a highly experienced singing teacher, based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Under her careful tuition, you will learn about warming up, breath control, phrasing, relaxation and 'placing' your voice. With the right exercises and techniques, you can build confidence, increase your range, enhance your sound and protect those precious vocal chords!

Singing lessons are available in 30 min or 1 hr sessions.

Advanced booking discounts are available. Simply book and pay for a block of four singing lessons at least 5 days in advance to qualify.

Please contact Jan for a free initial discussion


Whether it's auditioning for a local choir, a stage school or a professional job, the key is... preparation.

Jan can work on your audition piece with you, to give you the best possible chance when the stakes are high.

She will help you identify and overcome any potential danger points -  such as phrasing, a tricky note or breathing through a difficult passage.



"I have had singing lessons with Jan for over 6 years now and in that time, I have learned so much.

She is a wonderful teacher, always happy and easy to talk to. Singing with Jan after a long day at school doesn't feel like another lesson. It's a chance to relax and have some fun!"



"Singing with Jan fills me with confidence... she has far more belief in me than I do in myself!

She knows my limits vocally and can get the best out of my voice.

She has me singing things that I never would have attempted, but she knows what I'm capable of and I trust her opinion implicitly.

The perfect professional and the best teacher... couldn't recommend her highly enough!"


Chandlers Ford

"Since having singing lessons with Jan, I have progressed a great deal.

She has improved my breath control, stretched my range and given me the confidence to be a better performer."



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